Slovak Yearbook of Inernational Law  Vol. VII (2017)


Key words: Codification, development of international law, International Law Commission, succession of States, responsibility, devolution agreements, claims agreements Abstract: In May 2017, the International law Commission decided to place on its current programme of work a new topic called...
Key words: Emmerich de Vattel, Vattelian fiction, Mavrommatis case, the ICSID Convention, draft articles on diplomatic protection, TFEU, TEC, Amsterdam Treaty, Lisbon Treaty, genuine link Abstract: The aim of the article is to analyse the possibility of exercising diplomatic protection in a way...
Key words: International law; Cyber Law; Cyber Space; Cyber Security; Internet Law; Global Law; World Law; Transformation of International Law; Methodology of study  Abstract: This academic study is devoted to the problems of the quazi international legal nature of Cyber law, Internet Law,...
Key words: definition of the outer space, delimitation of the outer space, spatialism, functionalism  Abstract: The aim of this article is to summarize and give an overview of different approaches (spatialist and functionalist) in the matter of the definition and delimitation of the airspace...
Key words: corruption, money laundering, fraud, international arbitration, arbitral proceedings, arbitrability,  arbitrators´ duties and liabilities Abstract: The subject of the paper is the relation between the criminal offences of corruption, money laundering and fraud and international...
Key words: ‘self-contained’ regimes, WTO, lex specialis, public international law Abstract: The presented paper addresses the existence of so-called ‘self-contained’ regimes which are supposed to exist in separation from general international law. Regarding this point, two objectives of the work...
Contents:   1. Peaceful settlement of dispute – International Court of Justice  1.1. Request for ICJ Advisory Opinion on Pre-independence separation of Chagos archipelago from Mauritius   2. Human Rights and Quasi-judicial bodies 2.1. Analysis on the commitment of the conclusions of...


  • Metod Špaček



  • Peter Klanduch
  • Katarína Šmigová
  • Metod Špaček
  • Eva Villacis


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  • Slovak Society of International Law
  • Bratislava, 2017
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  • Metod Špaček

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